Frequently Asked Questions

Usually just a damp sponge will be enough. Where soiling is more severe, use a window cleaner such as Windex or a mild solution of hot water and all purpose liquid cleaner such as Mr. Clean is also excellent. Do not use soap as it leaves a film.

Tiles that absorb 3% or less moisture. All porcelain tiles are 3% or less.

Tiles are made from natural products and the variation can be substantial depending on the tile selected. Tiles can vary slightly in shade, texture, and size.

If your labels or literature says it is frost resistant, or a porcelain, it is suited for outdoor use.

Not necessarily; the wear rating has nothing to do with quality or price, only durability. Some of the most expensive tiles are the hand painted wall tiles and they only have a wear rating of (1) one.

Yes; High gloss products are usually more slippery than low gloss ones.

Generally not, but always check the products wear rating because there are exceptions. In most cases the higher the gloss, the softer the glaze.

To keep the floor free of sand or any other gritty material that may act as an abrasive and wear down the surface.

Yes; Providing the structure is strong enough to support the weight.

Vinegar is an acid and acid should never be used on tile by anyone other than a professional. If it's not diluted properly it could bleach out the color in the grout.

Yes; Handmade Mexican tiles may vary greatly, but this is acceptable. Ceramic and Porcelain tiles may also vary slightly in size but the installer will conceal this by using a little wider grout joint.

Generally, yes, the coarser the grit is, the more difficult it will be to clean.

One with a gritty surface or a built in texture designed to grip the foot and prevent slipping.

No, They are totally unaffected by light.

Yes; They are totally fire proof at any temperature.

Yes; A glazed tile does not retain liquids, fumes, odors or germs.

No; Each manufacture sizes their tile according to their equipment capability. A 12" X 12" tile may be as small as 11 ½" X 11 ½" or as large as 12 ½" X 12 ½". This goes for all sizes of tile.

Generally not, the sizes and thickness will vary from one manufactures tiles to another and the grout joints will not line up.